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Organize your Kitchen

Start with Container World Basics

  1. Set a goal for yourself and write it down.
  2. Give yourself a reasonable deadline.
  3. Select a small area- but start with largest problem area first.
  4. Don't begin another area or task until you finish the first one.

Remove things you do not use

Anything you have not used in 6 months to a year is clutter.
There are only 3 destinations for clutter.

  1. Garbage
  2. Donate/Yard sale
  3. Store It

Give everything a "HOME"
This makes knowing what you have easier with less duplication.
Keep everything visible whenever possible.
Always keep items close to where you use them.
Organize up!                                                                               
The most wasted space you'll find in your cabinets or pantry is above the items that are sitting on the shelves. This space is above your glasses, cups, casserole dishes, or can goods in your pantry.

Container World's solution is the "under shelf" baskets and extra shelves. They are ideal for serving casserole dishes or boxed food items such as noodles or sugar. 


Save space with a "Shelf doublers"

Watch how these racks condense and neaten a cabinet!!

Spin trays and Lazysuzans are used best in corner cabinets for easy accessibility.
Spice things up....
The Expand-A-Drawer Spice Organizer provides
 a great place to store and organize your herbs, spices, and seasonings without sacrificing counter space. Or.... How about utilizing a taller cabinet with a 2 Tier Spin Tray or Lazy Susan, this puts everything at your fingertips with just a quick spin!

Here are some other ways to creatively save space like, the back of your cabinet doors for cleaners,spice packets, paper towels or plastic grocery bags, Small plastic or wire bins to organize packets of rice, noodles, and mixes. Stepped shelving makes use of the back space in a deep cabinet. A Lid Rack takes the frustration out of lid storage.

For Pantry Organizing use dead wall space or the back of the door for an Over The Door pocket Organizer. You can find these made for pantry use but you can take a OTD Shoe Organizer or OTD Purse Organizer and store countless items like Rice, noodles, sugar, marshmallows, and on and on. Container World also carries a variety of wire direct mount pantry racks if that is your preference.
Be sure to Label, Label, Label, shelves, bins and containers this is helpful to you and your whole family!!

Remember Good organization now means less Stress later!