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Kids' Rooms: Yes you can!!


Do's, Do'nts and Hints
DO - Pick a small area at a time to concentrate on first. You will get more done in a smaller amount of time, with a bigger sense of accomplishment.
DON'T - Try to organize the whole room (Or for those of us perfectionists - the whole house) in one morning or afternoon. 
HINT - Get a mental picture or better yet have a simple sketch ready of what you would LIKE the room to look like.

DO - Gather all necessary tools before you begin. Container World recommends 3 to 4 large bins, laundry baskets, or boxes to separate and remove
        what doesn't belong.

a. Stay - belongs in the area your organizing.
b. Elsewhere - belongs somewhere else in the house.
c. Donate - Things to give away…i.e. church -goodwill.

d. Yardsale or uncertain.
e. Throwaway - Not good enough to keep or give away.

DON'T - keep maybes or might's. If Johnny has 23 pairs of sox and 3 electronic dog's that basically do the same thing eliminate the extras and what's left
               will stay neater longer. 

HINT - Use a medium size bin with a lid to hide 8-10 toys for several months and during a particularly boring time pull them out for that NEW TOY
             excitement & interest.

DO - have a plan. Do you need to change any permanent structure? Closet shelving, rods, buy new furniture. Measure areas that will need an exact fit. Take
         in to account the size and shape of items to be put there. Put together a combination of bins, tubs, hooks, toy chains, underbed boxes, shelves,
         stacking drawers and over the door organizers to make use every possible space (see attached idea list).

DON'T - go on a shopping spree without a good plan and plenty of measurements. This will save you many wasted trips back to the stores. 
HINT - keep in mind your child's height and what you want he/she to reach without assistance

DO - Label, Label, Label. Use your computer, tape, Or picture labels are great for young children!! You can even label a hanging sweater organizer for each
         day of the week and place that day's outfit and/or project in it for quick mornings. 

DON'T - put labels where they will be hidden or covered by something else stored near or on top of it. 
HINT - Get your child involved in the labeling process. A feeling of accomplishment helps them stay focused too.

Container World's Product and idea list

The plastic Toy Chain-for stuffed animals, soft items, or caps.
The Kid Stuff Organizer-an over the door, 16 pocket organize
Hanging sweater shelf in canvas or nylon.
Plastic stacking drawers. Various sizes.

Stacking baskets, various sizes.

Under the bed bins on wheels.
Clear toy trunk.

1. Use a 3 month maintenance schedule to go through toys and clothes, since this is the usual age brackets for toys and size brackets for clothes, it will
        keep you from accumulating too much again.

2. Create a reward system for children who are old enough. Use raffle tickets, an I DID IT chart, tokens, or anything along those lines. Children love praise.
3. Use over the door shoe bags for storing beanie's, Barbie's, cars, hat & gloves, etc.
4. Group toys in categories such as outside toys, dress-up, play house parts, cars & trucks, kid meal toys, play dishes, Lego's, etc…
5. Use walls efficiently with a toy net, bulletin boards for artwork, lots of hooks to hang coats, hats, toy bags, etc.