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A few Questions from you, our customers!

Q1: I need a better way to store and protect my good china in between dinner parties. Is there a
       way to store it safely and keep it easily accessible?

A1: Your china will stay beautiful, clean and looking new with our selection of quilted China Keepers.
       Just unzip and place your china inside using the cushioned separators provided, zip and store.
       That’s it. By the way, these make great wedding and house warming gifts! 

Q2: My son has a small reach-in closet with a wood shelf and a metal rod that won’t hold all his
       clothes. What would you suggest?

A2: My first suggestion would be to use our FREE Closet Design Service here at Container World. An
       additional idea would be to purchase a “Closet Doubler” from our store that allows you to double
       the amount of hang space quickly and easily. 

Q3: I can’t get my car in our garage because all the bicycles and garden tools are in the way.
       Can you help?

A3: Absolutely! Container World has a wide range of Garage Organizers and Garden Tool Holders that
       can mount on our Rubbermaid rail system or directly on the wall. You won’t recognize your garage when we’re done. Or if you like, it’s easy enough to do it yourself. 

Q4: How can I keep my monthly bills from getting lost among all the other mail that gets brought in
       lands on our desk at home?

A4: Over The Door pockets (especially clear ones) are excellent organizers for clutter dilemma’s
       including this one. Hang one on a nearby door or on the wall beside your desk. Label each
       pocket by week, date or category such as “junk mail”, “waiting to shred”,  “due on”, “letters
       from school”, etc. 

Q5: I have a lot of expensive shoes and to keep the dust off of them and keep them looking nice I
       store them in their original boxes, but I have to open all those boxes to look for the pair I want
       to wear. Is there an easier way?

A5: I’m glad you asked. There is a wonderful product. These are clear, with a fold down front that stack              neatly and securely on top of one another to allow you to fill any available   
       space you have. Happy organizing!