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Breeze thru the Laundry

      Wash the worry right out of doing the Laundry                               

No one has ever called doing laundry fun, but you can make it easier and less time consuming!
Here's a few tips to help:

Arrange all your supplies in the order that you use them and easy to reach. Store extras on a higher shelf or in a cabinet.
Use separate baskets or bins for small items like sewing supplies for a quick fix, sponges or rags for spills, stain removal
      products, and keep one for all those items that get left in the pockets of jeans and jackets, ( but empty it often)

Get the largest multi-compartment hamper your space will allow or separate ones if you like, and sort whites, brights, darks,
      and hand washables. Get a separate hamper or bag for dry clean only items that can be carried to the car easily.

If you have room use a folding table, a pair of basket systems with a desk-top works great.
Keep a folding or pull out drying rack handy for those dryer no no's
Mount an ironing board on the wall or door for easy and quick access. Or use the clever

Install a Freeslide shelf near the dryer to hang clothes on right out of the dryer and to store empty hangers on.
Keep several sizes of mesh wash bags for delicates near by.
Install a paper towel holder near the washer or sink ( if you have one)
Keep a laundry basket for each member of the house and sort as you fold and then you can simply deliver the baskets to
        each room or let them come and get them.

Finally if others help with the laundry keep a list of items that need special attention or instructions and place it near the
        washer to avoid any incidents.